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Director: Manju Mandavya
Producer: Vijay Kiragandur
Cast: Yash, Suhasini, Avinash, Shanvi
Srivastava, Ravishankar, Chikkanna and
others.... The most awaited movie of Kannada film industry, Masterpiece starring Rocking Star Yash is releasing today, December 24. Directed by the scriptwriter Manju
Mandavya, the movie is releasing in 300
odd theatres all over Karnataka.
After the craze of Upendra's Uppi 2, Yash
starring Masterpiece has built huge craze in cinelovers. The advance booking of tickets had begun 2 days ago and 7000 tickets has already been sold out on BookMyShow. Will success repeat for Yash, after Mr And Mrs Ramachari ? Read on to know...
Masterpiece Story:
Masterpiece is a simple story of a local
riotous hero Yuva (Yash). The story opens up with Suhasini, (Yuva's mother) giving an interview about him to a TV channel. Like every mother, Yuva's mother wants her son to be a welly educated and respected in the society. Her dream is see her son as a freedom fighter like Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekar Azad.
But, Yuva dislikes his mother's opinion
about life and he finds short-cut to
become successful and familiar as 'BOSS', a baddie. Yuva becomes a youth icon from his school days and continues to be the same as he grew up.
Impressed with the local power, after
winning a college election, Noor Ahmed
(Achyuth Kumar), a local politician comes in search of Yuva for seeking support for elections. The story takes a new turn from here, as Yuva joins hands with politicians to become popular in the society. This what happens in the complete first-half of the movie.
The second half of the movie portrays how a local vigorous Yuva connects himself in the drugs mafia don, played by Ravishankar. Apart from the story of action and politics, Masterpiece also portrays a unique love story between Yash & Shanvi Srivastava as Yuva-Nisha.
Will Yuva make his mother proud and serve his mother land land as a freedom fighter? For this grab your tickets and watch the movie.
As usual, Yash shines throughout the movie. He has given as eye-catching performance
in a negative shade and he needs
appreciation. Shanvi Srivastava has sizzled opposite Yash in the movie with her cute expression. Suhasini lives her mother role. The veteran actress has nailed it being a loving mother of a child. She is been very successful in interpreting the role of a rowdy mother.
Coming to the commercial aspects,
Chikkanna's timely comedy to be praised
and he revolves around Yash's charcaters
throughtout the movie. The duo of Yash &
Chikkanna acquires more than the on-
screen chemistry of the lead pairs.
Technical Aspects:
An interesting first-half portraying comedy,
love and action. The story penned by Manju
Mandavya has failed in its second-half.
Though vigorous actor Ravishankar makes entry has an antagonist, the movie has failed to meet the expectations of the fans. A dragging second-half is the main draw back of the movie.
Best music and BGM by musician V
Harikrishna. All the 5 songs are visual treat. Especially songs 'Attention Please', 'I Can't Wait Baby', 'KD No.1 and Annange Love Aagide are not to be missed!
Another song 'Jaago Re Jaago' is a situation based song, which portrays a slight shade of mother-son sentiment on the big screen.

Verdict: Masterpiece is a simple story of a local baddie who wants to become familiar in the society using political power. The movie not to be missed by the fans of Yash and a one- time watch for other audiences. Watch
Masterpiece without expectations!
* Yash
Rocking Star is again back with a bang!
After the success of love cum family
entertainer Mr and Mrs Ramachari , Yash
is back with mass entertainer
* Yash as 'Yuva'
Yash is known for his different dialogue
delivery and acting in the movies. The
good looking actor plays a negative role
called 'Yuva' in the flick.
* Nisha
Shanvi Srivastava has sizzled opposite
Yash in the movie. The actress has
brilliantly shared on-screen space with
the actor and wins audiences with cute
and charming expressions.
* Duo Of Yash-Chikkanna
The movie includes engaging and
entertaining first-half which is acquired
by comedy actor Chikkanna and Yash.
The duo of the actors is highly enjoyable.
* Yash-Suhasini
Suhasini lives her mother role. She plays
a very caring and loving mother of Yash.
The mother-son sentiment in the movie is
worth a watch.
* Mass Entertainer
Ending of the first-half opens up with the
actual story of the movie. Masterpiece is
an out an out mass entertainer.
* Songs
The major commercial element of Manju
Mandavya's directorial debut is the
entertaining and chartbusting music and
BGM composed by V Harikrishna.
* Chemistry Between Lead Pair
The first time pairing up of actor Yash
and Shanvi Srivastava is promising and
they play as cute lovers on big-screens.

* A Shade Of Bhagat Singh
In Suhasini's imaginary story, she images
Yash as Bhagath son. The shade of great
freedom fighter played by Yash is
extremely nice and will be loved by each
very viewer.
* Story
It is a simple story of a vigorous guy who
wants to be familiar in the society. The
first-half is entertaining and engaging.
Second-half is quite drazzing, even after
including Ravishankar. A pakka
commercial entertainer.
* Yash In Different Makeover
In song KD.No 1, Yash is seen in different
makeovers of Alexander, Gabber Singh
and many more.
* Not To Be Missed By Yash's Fans
Masterpiece is a must watch for all the
die-hard fans of Rocking Star Yash. He
has given an ultimate performance, as
* One-Time Watch!
Apart from Yash's fans, Masterpiece is a
one-time watch for all the general
Credits : Filmibeat

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