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Anup Bhandari's directorial debut RangiTaranga has created a milestone in Kannada film industry. The sources report that, the mysterious thriller has been
shortlisted for Oscars. Director Anup Bhandari has took to his Facebook account to share this happy moment. He wrote,
"RangiTaranga is one of the 305 films short listed for OSCAR nominations. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the film and the audience who supported us".
RangiTaranga is a total team effort by bunchful of debutants Anup Bhandari, Nirup Bhandari, Radhika
Chetan and Avantika Shetty. The movie revolved about a journey of a novelist Gautham, also called
as ANASHKU in the movie.
All the three lead roles Nirup, Avantika Shetty and Radhika Chetan have given their best performance in
the movie. Along with lead actors, Saikumar play a pivotal role in the movie. The movie includes many twists through which are
revealed in the end. Music Director Ajaneesh Loknath has composed apt background scores for
RangiTaranga. Specialties Of RangiTaranga Performance Of Debutants The main highlight of the any movie is the performances of the actors. Debutants Nirup
Bhandari, Avantika Shetty and Radhika Chetan have
performed best in the movie.
Guddada Bhootha
The theme of Guddada Bhootha adds more weight
age to the script. Along with the strong script work,
director Anup Bhandari has penned the songs and
music for RangiTaranga.
It was Anup Bhandari who portrayed actor Saikumar
in never seen before role through RangiTaranga.
Popularly known for his Police Officer role 'Agni
IPS', Saikumar is seen as a postmaster in the
mysteroious entertainer and shines throughout.
Best Music & BGM
RangiTaranga includes 10 songs including (bit songs).
Along with best lyrics, Ajaneesh Loknath has
composed brilliant and heart touching BGM scores.
Best Cinematography
The important and well appreciated technical aspect
of RangiTaranga is the eye-catching cinematography
of Hollywood cinematographers  D.O.P Lance Kaplan and D.O.P William David.
Critically Acclaimed Kannada Movie
In the recent past of Kannada film industry, RangiTaranaga is the one and only critically acclaimed movie.

* Nirup Bhandari
Excellent and best performance by Nirup Bhandari as Gautam in RangiTaranga. The story
revolves around the character of Nirup as 'Gautham' in the movie.

* Nirup & Avantika Shetty
RangiTaranga includes two female leads Avantika Shetty and Radhika Chetan. The movie portrays Nirup and Avantika as lovers in the flash back story.


* Nirup & Radhika Chetan
Actors Nirup & Radhika Chetan have paired up as a husband and wife in RangiTaranga. Both have
given matured acting in the movie.

* Saikumar
Saikumar has huge makeover in RangiTaranga. He is seen in never before role in the mysterious entertainer.

* Shortlisted For Oscars
After Master Kishan's Care Of Footpath 2, muct appreciated movie RangiTaranga shortlisted for Oscars.

* A Blockbuster Of KFI
In the recent past of Kannada film industry, critically acclaimed RangiTaranga has won thousands of hearts of the Kannada audiences for
portraying a new concept.


Credits : Filmibeat

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