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Ricky is a special film because it is one of the first
mainstream films in Kannada that has naxalism as
one of the main issues in the plot. Though it is his
first film, Rishab Shetty has shown the guts to have
such a topic. The love story between the lead pair is
the main issue but the problem of naxalism is
ingrained in this narrative. Good chemistry between
Rakshit and Haripriya backed by some good
photography and pleasing music makes for a good
Ricky is an orphan who is looked after by his uncle.
His close friendship with a village girl since
childhood develops into love. All looks good and
they are all set to marry. But Ricky has to go on an
assignment to study snow leopards. In the one year
he is away so much changes in the village. A SEZ
project destroys many lives and families. Some of
these people take to naxalism. When Ricky returns,
he finds that the girl he is engaged to, Radha, has
also joined naxals.
From there on Ricky tries everything he can to get
back his girl. But she is deeply ingrained in the naxal
ideology. Ricky plays a dangerous game of hunting
with the hounds and running with the rabbits. Does
he succeed in getting his love back is the rest of the
There is good all round acting by all the actors.
Rakshit and Haripriya make for a good pair. There is
some good music by Arjun Janya and beautiful
photography by Venkatesh Anguraj. The comedy
with Sadhu Kokila is average. Overall the film has a
nice romantic touch to it and works in appealing to


Sandalwood Cinemas Ratings 3.75/5

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